contemporary and conceptual art jewellery, paintings and ceramics

Materials & Techniques

Metal Clay

The materials that I most enjoy working with are silver and bronze Precious Metal Clay.  This material  starts its life as a substance that feels, looks and works just like clay.  It is even fired in a kiln, like clay. Microns fine powdered metal (silver, gold, copper or bronze) is combined with water and a cellulose binder, creating this malleable material. I then manipulate it similarly to the way I would a ceramic material.  After drying it, I fire it to just below melting temperature.   The cellulose binder burns away and the metal comes together (sinters).  I am left with pure metal, after which I handle it using traditional metal smithing  techniques.


Polymer clay and Mokume Gane

This method comes from a long Japanese tradition of superb craftsmanship  which combined and created mixed metal laminates.  My process,  a 21st century version of this, combines sterling silver, 22 karat gold and contemporary polymer clay. I manipulate and then heat this combination, creating a strong, lightweight material with rich patterning and an exciting blend of colour and metal.



My other love is painting.  I have been exploring a new  material in the last couple of years called alcohol inks and I have been pulled into the rich colours that I can achieve with them and the opportunity this medium gives me to work intuitively, trusting  my inner self.