Contemporary Jewellery, Paintings and Ceramics

Materials & Techniques

Hmmm, Painting and Jewellery.... You might think it an odd combination of materials to work with, but both feed my soul.  The intimacy of  working on tiny precise details is so challenging and rewarding .  When my eyes need a break, what better way to do it than with big colourful and expressive paintings.  Both are a part of my creative inquiry and I can't choose which one I like  to work with more.



 I work with both alcohol inks and oil and cold wax. I  work intuitively building layers and layers of "history"......  adding, scraping back and adding again, trusting  my inner self.  I often use my photography as references .  As well, my travels, time in my garden and hiking near my home also inform my work.




I love making jewellery.... the problem solving, the constructions,  the textures,  the colour, and the patinas.  All of these and more are incorporated into each small piece.  it is the combination of engineering and creativity that keeps me enchanted with this medium.  And, well, I do love wearing them too.