Welcome: A bit about me.

As the daughter of an artist and an engineer, I had the perfect set of influences to become an artist.   From my mom, I inherited the love of envisioning and creating.   From my dad, I learned how to embrace the challenge of problem solving and the construction of a new design

I spent the first few years of my adult life as a teacher before returning to school to study art in my twenties.  Since then, I have worked full time, as an artist, making and teaching art. 

I have always been a maker of objects, but in the last decade I have devoted myself to painting.  I am loving this exploration of gestural abstraction thoroughly, as I did when I worked in three dimensions.  Working with oil paint and cold wax medium has allowed me to  explore the nuances and energy created through the use of mark making, layering and texture. 

My website also includes  some of my past ceramic and jewellery work.  I feel that this work informs who I am today and is relevant to who I am as an artist.

My goal is to create atmospheric pieces that can be enjoyed from far, but also invite the viewer to come closer to examine the intimate details in the work.

Throughout my career, I have explored many media and methods to express my ideas.  I create work that evokes a timeless beauty which comes from a place deep within my imagination.  It is distilled from life, from the many cultures that I have travelled to, from my love of reading and from my time spent in my garden and in nature.

My work has been exhibited internationally.  I am in many books and collections and have received many awards over the years, for which I feel thankful and honoured.  

I feel so fortunate that I have been able to spend my life doing these things that I love so much.