For those of you who are detail oriented, my CV is below.   Or - in a nutshell...  I have won awards, been featured in a wide variety of media and taught and exhibited in Europe, Asia, the USA and in much of Canada.  I have sat on many boards.  Permanent and private collections, including museums have my work and I have been represented in many galleries.  I feel so fortunate for all of the wonderful things that my art career has brought to me.

Scholarships, Grants and Awards
2023                 Photo Art Annual Exhibition, Honourable Mention, Halton Hills, On
                         Artsy Shark, Featured Artist,
2018                 AMCAW – Alliance of Metal Clay Artists Worldwide, International Juried Show Certificate of Merit.
2017                 Photo Art Annual Exhibition, Honourable Mention.
                         Arts Alive Award – Patron of the Arts, Awarded every five years, Halton Hills ON.
2009                 John Sommer Regional Juried Art Exhibition, Best Sculpture Award
2007                 John Sommer Regional Juried Art Exhibition, Best Three-Dimensional Artwork.
2006                 John Sommer Regional Juried Art Exhibition, Best Three-Dimensional Artwork.
2005                 John Sommer Regional Juried Art Exhibition, Best Three-Dimensional Artwork.
                         John Sommer Regional Juried Art Exhibition, Purchase Award.
2001                 Arts Alive, Visual Artist Award, Awarded once each five years, Halton Hills, ON.  
2000                 Lady Flavelle Award, Ontario Crafts Council.
1999                 Ontario Arts Council Grant.
1998                 Operation Warmth, Warm Person Award, City of Toronto, ON.
1995                 Pottery Award, Here and Now Juried Art Show, Halton Hills, ON.
1993                 Honourable Mention, Here and Now Juried Art show, Halton Hills, ON.
1984                 Pottery Award, Best Clay in Show IMAGE '84, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, ON.
                         Honourable Mention Nathan Phillips Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, ON.
1983                 Award of Excellence Ontario Crafts Council Juried Exhibition, Toronto, ON.
1982                 Full Scholarship Banff School of Fine Arts, Banff, AB.
Education and Professional Development
            2020 – 2022     Cold Wax Academy, Online Learning, USA.
            2014 – 2015     Levels 1 and 2, Metal Clay Certification, USA.
            2006                 Artist In Residence, Kecskemet, Hungary.
             2004                 Kanayama Ceramic Residency, Goshogawara, Japan.
            2002                 Presenter, Aomori International Wood Fire Festival, Goshogawara, Japan.
            2000                 Independent Residency, Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff AB.
            1998                 BC Women’s Tozan firing.
            1985 - pres.      National and International Conferences and residencies.
            1984                 The University of Western Ontario, Painting and Drawing.
            1982                 Banff School of Fine Arts, Design Symposium.
            1980 - 1981      John Abbott College, Montreal. Ceramics Program.
            1972 - 1974      Algonquin College, Ottawa, Early Childhood Education.
            2020                 Stella’s Studio, Camoes Multicultural TV, Featured Artist.
           2013                  Fusion Magazine
            2010                 Arabella Magazine, Featured Artist to Collect
            2009                 Sideroads Magazine, Feature Article.
            2005                 Fusion Magazine.
            2004                 The Complete Potter, Steve Mattison.
            2003                 500 Bowls, Lark Books.
            2002                 500 Teapots, Lark Books.                                 
            1999                 Contact Ceramics, A Canadian Perspective, Winter, Feature article and cover.
            1997                 Contact Magazine, Fall.
                                     Fusion Magazine, Fall.
                                     Life Television network, Craftscapes.                 
            1996                 Toronto Star Newspaper.                                                                      
            1994                 CKVR TV, Brownstone Kids.
            1993                 Studio Potters Network, Fall Issue.
            1992 - 1996      Fusion Magazine.
            1988                Toronto Magazine, April Issue.
            1985                 A La Carte Magazine.
            2005                 Maker’s Choice, Burlington Arts Centre, Burlington, ON.
Teaching Experience
            2017                 St. Lawrence College, 1 week course, Brockville ON.
            2015                 Red Door Gallery, Presenter, How to Photograph your Work, Georgetown, ON.
            2013                 La Meridiana International School, 2-week course, Florence, Italy.
            2006                 Deep River Potter’s Guild, 5-day hands on, Deep River, ON.
            2005                 Canadore College, Decorating workshop, North Bay, ON.
                                     Ontario Crafts Council Annual Conference, Presenter.
                                     Stony Creek Potter’s Association, Edmonton, AB.          
            2003                 University of Southern Colorado, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.
            2002                 Aomori International Wood Fire Festival, Presenter, Goshogawara, Japan.
            2002                 Richmond Potters, Hands on workshop, Vancouver BC.
            2001                 Richmond Potters, Hands- on workshop, Vancouver BC.
                                    Various guilds in the province of British Columbia.
                                    Pickering Potters Guilds, Hands- on weekend workshop, Pickering, ON.
                                    Kawartha Potters Guild, Weekend workshop, Peterborough, ON.
            2000                Burlington Potter’s Guild, Weekend Workshop, Burlington, ON.
            1999                Hill Potters Guild, Lecture, Richmond Hill, ON
            1998                Toronto Potters’ Guild, Lecture, Toronto, ON
            1998                Ottawa Guild of Potters and Richmond Hill Potters Guild, Weekend workshops.
            1997 - 1999     Halton Hills Potter's Guild, Halton Hills, ON. Advanced Throwing Classes.
                                    Sheridan College, School of Design, Guest Lecturer, Marketing, Oakville, ON.
            1994 - 1999     Adult hand building classes, Clay Concepts Studio. Glen Williams, ON.
            1983 - 1997    Halton Board of Education, Children's Hand building, many workshops taught at schools, colleges, guilds and studio.
            2023                   Headwaters Arts Juried show, Relaunch, Alton, On
                                       HeadwatersArts Juried show, Dark Into Light, Alton ON
                                      Kingsway Lambton Art Show, Toronto, On
            2022                  Arts on the Credit,  Fall Tour, Port Credit, On               
            2020                 Arts on the Credit Virtual Gallery, Port Credit, ON
            2017                 Red Door Gallery, 4 person-show, Georgetown, ON
                                    Wearable Art Show, Oakville, ON
            2013                 2 Person Show, Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery, London ON.
            2013 – 2018     Arts on the Credit Fall Show, Port Credit, ON.
            2011 – 2012     Dundas Studio Tour, Dundas, ON.
            2011                 Matter of Clay, Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery, London, ON.
            2007 – present    Limberlost Studio Tour, Huntsville, ON.
                        1001 Pots, Val David, PQ.
2006                Hamilton and Region Guild of Potters, Biennial Exhibition, Dundas, ON.
                                     John Sommer Juried Regional Arts Exhibition, Halton Hills, ON.
                                     Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery National Invitational Clay Exhibition, Matter of Clay London, ON.
                                     International Juried Orton Cone Box Show, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
            2005                 International Chawan Exhibition, Art of The Teacup, Brussels, Belgium.
                                    John Sommer Juried Regional Arts Exhibition. Halton Hills, ON.
            2004                 Halton Hills Artsweek Juried Exhibition. Georgetown, ON.
                                     Hamilton and Region Potter’s Guild Annual Juried Show. Dundas, ON.
            2004                 Williams Mill Gallery Invitational,10th Anniversary Exhibition, Glen Williams, ON.
            2002                 International Juried Orton Cone Box Show, Kansas City, U.S.A.
            2001                 Gallery of BC Ceramics, Wood fired exhibition. 1 X 6 Vancouver, BC.
                                     The Williams Mill “Down To Earth”, 3-person exhibition, Glen Williams, ON.
            2000                 Re:Vision Invitational Group Show, Cultural Centre, Georgetown, ON.
            1999                 Group exhibition, Fushan Ceramic Museum, China.
                                    Two Woman Show, The Williams Mill Gallery, Glen Williams, ON.
            1998                Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, Featured Artist, Gallery Shop, Waterloo, ON.
                                    Fusion Fireworks Biennial Juried Exhibition, Travelling Exhibition.
                                    Solo exhibition, 1111 Clay Works, Ottawa, ON.
            1997                2-person exhibition, Homer Watson Gallery, Waterloo, ON.
            1997                Solo exhibition, George R.  Gardiner Museum Shop, Toronto, ON.
            1993 - 1995     Here and Now, Halton Hills Regional Juried Art Show, Georgetown, ON.
            1993                Peel Regional Juried Art Exhibition, Brampton, ON.
                                    Solo Exhibition, Harbinger Gallery, Waterloo, ON.
            1991 - 2004    Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, ON.
Professional Organizations
1991 – 2022      Williams Mill Visual Arts Centre  
2013 – 2016     Halton Hills Cultural Round Table 
                         Member of the Board
2016 – 2017    Halton Hills Cultural Round Table
                       Vice Chair
2014 – 2017    Red Door Gallery, Non-Profit Public Art Gallery, Georgetown, ON Member of the Board 
                                     Halton Hills    
             2003 - 2006       Artweeks, Non profit organization 
                                       Halton Hills Arts Week Chairperson.
             2007-2008       Ontario Crafts Council Board of Directors
             2002 - 2003      Fundraising committee.
            1982 -2020       Member.
             2004 - 2007     Hamilton and Regional Potters’ Guild.Executive, Education
            1980 - 1998      Fusion, The Ontario Clay and Glass Association.
            1980 - 1998      Fusion, The Ontario Clay and Glass Association.
            1997 - 1998      Director of New Programs.
            1993 - 1995      Director of Education.
            1993                 Director of Publications .
            1992 - 1997      Re:Vision: Arts Unlimited, Halton Hills, ON .Member.
            1992 - 1993      Founding Member and President
            2000                 American Potters Council Membership Committee.
            1994-2003          The Williams Mill Artists Association.
            1994- 2003       Executive of Artists’ Association
            1994 -1996       Chair of Artists’ Association.
            2004 - 2007      Hamilton and Regional Potters’ Guild.Executive, Education
Permanent Collections
            Museum of Unusual Musical Instruments, Kecskemet, Hungary
            Goshogawara City Museum, Japan.
            Fushan Ceramic Museum, China.
            Fusion, The Ontario Clay and Glass Association.
            The Town of Halton Hills. Permanent Collection
            Many private collections throughout Canada and the United States.



 Over the years, I have been represented in many galleries and museum shops. 

            The Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, Toronto, ON

            Art Gallery of Burlington, Burlington, ON

            London Regional Art Gallery, London, ON

            Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery, London, ON

            Ontario Craft Council, Toronto, ON

            Canadian Class and Glass Gallery, Waterloo, ON

            Petroff Gallery – A Show of Hands, Toronto, ON

            Red Door Gallery, Georgetown, ON

            Williams Mill Visual Arts Centre, Glen Williams, ON

            Harbinger Art Gallery, Waterloo, ON

            Fusion Clay and Glass gallery, Toronto, ON

            The Village Potter, London, ON