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As a student of Carol-Ann's week-long metal clay course at Brockville's Summer School of the Arts I can attest to the quality of her teaching. She knows her stuff! She's very generous with her knowledge, with infinite patience and energy. Thank you Carol-Ann for giving me the skills and confidence to create with metal clay.
Heather J Smith - 22 Jun 2017
What a pleasure to meet you this morning as you where setting up for the North of 89 tour. I will wear your earrings with joy and hope to find an other piece or 2 when I visit your home base. Cheers
Sandy Leah - 1 Oct 2016
Wonderfully well laid out website Carol-Ann. I admire the artistry and care that is evident in your passion and skill invested and revealed in your beautiful art.
Melanie Franke - 13 Sep 2016
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